A Casa a Barcelona | In the Dark


It’s Saturday morning, and this week has been very busy and stressful, mostly for reasons that I can’t blog about, but it helped yesterday to come back to my very pleasant top-floor apartment on the Rambla de Catalunya to have a glass or several of wine on the terrace and enjoy the lovely weather. It reached 22°C yesterday afternoon, and my flat gets the sun most of the day.

I chose the angle for the second pic carefully, as a lady on the side of the street had obviously done her laundry recently and hung the smalls out to dry. I thought it would be indelicate to photograph them.

When the apartment was refurbished recently they took down the ceiling to reveal some interesting brickwork with the distinctive red clay that features in many buildings; the bricks are often covered with decorative ceramic tiles in a style called Bóveda Catalana in Spanish (Volta Catalana in Catalan), but along with the bare brickwork on the wall, this is a much plainer look.

You can see the mortar which attached the false ceiling removed during the refurbishment.

Anyway, if you want to know roughly where I am, it is just one block away from the Casa Batlló. I took the picture on the left last September but the crowds outside queuing to get in are apparently a perennial feature as you can see from the picture on the right I took today.

Anyway, I’m determined to relax today so will now go for a stroll, and do some shopping in preparation for cooking dinner tonight.

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