A Certain Subreddit Is Getting Adapted into a Horror Series


A Certain Subreddit Is Getting Adapted into a Horror Series

Are you one of the eighteen million subscribers to r/NoSleep on Reddit? If so, there’s a new show coming your way that might be of interest.

According to Variety, Francesco Loschiavo has created an anthology horror series based on entries there titled Tales From the Void. All six stories will premiere on the streaming platform Screambox later this year.

“This series is a love letter to the r/NoSleep community, celebrating the breadth and depth of the horror genre,” Loschiavo said in a statement. “We put a lot of time and care into curating and adapting these stories for television, and we look forward to seeing how audiences react.”

Tales From the Void includes episodes directed by Joe Lynch (Suitable Flesh), Maritte Lee Go (Black as Night), the Adams family (Hellbender), and Loschiavo himself. Loschiavo also serves as an executive producer, along with David Cummings from The NoSleep podcast and Cineverse/Screambox execs Brad Miska and Brandon Hill.

We also know five of the stories that were brought to the small screen: “The Black Square” by Matt Dymserski, which was directed by Lynch; “Betsy The Doll” by Rebecca Klingel; “I used to hack baby monitors. But one night I learned my lesson.” by Manen Lyset; “Carrie,” directed by Go, and; “Axed Frequency,” directed by Loschiavo.

“As someone who grew up on Tales from the Crypt and Creepshow, I have an obsession with anthologies and can’t wait for horror fans to see these classic No Sleep stories come to life,” Miska, the VP of horror content at Screambox, said in the same statement. “Tales From the Void delves through the best of horror, all from the unique perspective of some of the prominent modern voices in horror.”

We’ll get to see the episodes with our own eyeballs when Tales From the Void comes out on Screambox this fall. icon-paragraph-end

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