A Different Perspective: Moon Dust Documents Online


A Different Perspective: Moon Dust Documents Online

 Back in 1969, the
Condon Committee declared that there was nothing of scientific value that could
be learned by further study of flying saucers. The Air Force closed Project
Blue Book and the implication was that the government was no longer investigating

Dr. Edward Condon, who had the conclusions of the
investigation before it had even started.

Although unknown in
1969, the real point of the Condon Committee study was to remove public
interest in flying saucers and allow the Air Force to close its unclassified
investigation. This is a somewhat simplistic way of looking at the situation,
but it was a direct outcome of the conclusions drawn by the committee. You can
read more about this in my book, cleverly entitled, Project Moon Dust
which was rewritten and revised in 2022. I have also addressed Moon Dust on this
blog several times and you can read some of that here:



Anyway, the conclusions
drawn by Condon were not true and we learned in 1984 that there was something
called Moon Dust that had a UFO component. The best information I have is that
Moon Dust began in October 1957 after the Soviet launch of Sputnik. The purpose
was to recover returning space debris of foreign manufacture and unknown
origin. That unknown origin was off-world craft. How do I know… I found Moon
Dust reports in the Blue Book files and there have been several Moon Dust responses
launched to investigate UFO sightings that involved some sort of debris

Oh, I should note that
Moon Dust continued until the mid-1980s when the name was compromised
inadvertently by the State Department. At that point the name was changed and
FOIA requests were met with the statement that the new name was properly
classified, which made learning more about Moon Dust nearly impossible.

This brief background
is to note that many Moon Dust documents are now available on line. I have
published some in various books, as has other researchers. I updated my book on
Moon Dust, which provides a more comprehensive look at the material. You can now
review many of these original Moon Dust documents here:


Before we leave this
discussion, I should point out that the first link above suggests there was no
Project Moon Dust but that Moon Dust was the code name for attempts to recover
returning space debris. In other words, when there was some sort of UFO
incident, and investigation would be conducted, an officer at the nearest base would
be assigned as the project officer and reports would be written using the code
word Moon Dust. However, there was no on-going project. It was activated as
needed. When the code words Moon Dust were compromised, they were changed to
something else. I believe all this becomes clear in the links provided above.

One further note. Type
Moon Dust into the search engine on this blog and you’ll find additional
articles that show the evolution of research into Moon Dust. I suppose, at some
point, I should consolidate all that information into a single, cohesive article,
which I might do at some point. Just not right now.

And one other point.
There is a document that I found in the Blue Book files that provided a date
for the beginning of Moon Dust. I wasn’t able to make a copy of it, given the
microfilm reader I was using at the time, but I wrote down the specifics. Our
research would benefit from finding that document again. To assist in the
search, you can read about that here:


The final point here is
that research never seems to end and there are many rabbit holes for us to go
down. Anyway, one of the best contributions to our understanding of Moon Dust
might by finding that document again. The best clue I have is that I was doing
research in the November 1957 UFO sightings, and was looking through the administrative
documents from that period. That specific message might be in one of the case
files from Blue Book, or in the administrative documents that file boxes and

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