A Glimpse into ‘Artifice’ – The Future of AI with Author Simon Chesterman


2 days ago

In this captivating episode of Sci-Fi Talk, we get an insightful glimpse into the artificial intelligence (AI) exploration within the novel ‘Artifice,’ authored by academic, Simon Chesterman. Simon challenges popular conventions surrounding AI, arguing that AIs are not bound by human constraints or appearances. Engaging conversations surrounding AI’s ability to mimic human voices, the application of gender to machines, and the uncanny human-likeness of AI are unfolded.

Chesterman intricately explores the complex relationship between humans and AI through the intertwining characters of Janus, the AI, and Archie, the female protagonist. Set in the technologically advanced landscape of Singapore, the story addresses issues of gender bias within STEM, as well as, the concept of gender identity in AI.

The discussion takes a leap beyond the pages of the novel, as Simon highlights the transformative effect of AI in our society, emphasizing the significant changes within the creative industries. We delve into the potential consequences of AI’s rise, from an increased number of job replacements to large-scale content creation, often misleading or false.

This episode delves into the politics of AI, the impact on our relationship with information, and the threat to communication channels’ integrity. As we navigate through the digital age, the importance of retaining authenticity in the digital tide is accentuated.

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