Alien Encounter in Nogales, Texas on 1980-03-31 00:00:00 – 911 miles in 6hrs.


In 1980 i owned a cabover freightliner truck that was geared out at about 63 miles an hour. i had only one 100 gallon fuel tank the other one was disabled and it was only about half full,i was in nogales arizona picking up a load of tomatoes for houston texas. i stayed in a motel in nogales all night and got a good nights sleep,i picked up my load about 2:30 p.M. i left nogales and was going to take the shortcut down highway 82 to i 10. after getting on highway 82 i got so sleepy i had to pull off the side of the road to a roadside park to take a nap. this was about 4 p.M. the next thing i remember is it 10 p.M. and i was stopped on the side of the road on highway 90 outside of san antonio texas 950 miles from where i stop in az. (note) when i realized where i was outside of san antonio i have 20 dollars in my pocket and still had the advanced check i received on the load.I still had the same amount of fuel when i left nogales and only went 75 miles on my speedometer. i call my mother and san antonio to meet me at the coffee shop and told her what happened, and as everybody else has she laughed at me.But when i showed her the timestamp on my shipping bill and the time it was now she just had a funny look on her face.Now that i've told you all my story, you will probably laugh too like art bell did when i tried to tell him about it.

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