Alien: Romulus will connect to Prometheus


Alien: Romulus will connect to Prometheus

Let the leak season begin! While we’ve been drip-feeding some enticing details about the upcoming Alien: Romulus movie (a new one just dropped), fellow fansite and long-standing staple of the Alien fan community AvPGalaxy have just dropped a Juggernaut-sized payload of spoilers on us and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Obviously, if you wish to avoid spoilers – turn back now! But, if you’re eager to dive in, read on…

According to AvPG, Alien: Romulus will feature the infamous Black Goo (accelerant) discovered by David in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus! As per their scoop:

The black goo (or accelerant as it is known in the expanded universe) is making a return in the film. A Hyperdyne Systems 120-A/2 model android was able to discover and reverse engineer the genetic makeup of the black goo contained within the DNA of the Aliens that had been captive aboard the spacestation. Known in Alien: Romulus as the Prometheus Strain, the scientists had been experimenting with the black goo as a miracle cure for all diseases.

Alien: Romulus will also feature another huge connection to the original Alien film in the way of the inclusion of the previously mentioned Hyperdyne Systems 120-A/2

This is very exciting news and we can confirm with our own sources that the film does indeed feature this connection to the Alien prequels and original film.

We will also add, the film does feature another (potentially) huge connection to the previous films… But we’re not revealing that just yet.

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