. 'Altered Reality': Blending Time, Space, and Emotion


On Sc-Fi Talk,  I dive  into the cinematic realm of altered realities with a special focus on the film “Altered Reality.” I have the pleasure of talking to writer and co-producer Charles Agron, alongside actors Krista Dane King and Alyona Khmara.

I explore the fascinating concept of time and the underlying theme of family, as envisioned by Charles, and brought to life through the complex characters of Oliver Cook, Alex Parker, and Caroline Cook. We’ll hear from Charles about his inspirations for the movie, Alyona’s portrayal of a strong yet composed Caroline, and Krista’s take on playing a grounded, non-stereotypical villain. They’ll share insights into the dynamics between their characters, especially the manipulative nature of Alex.

We’ll also discuss the importance of a supportive set atmosphere, celebrating director Don E. FauntLeRoy’s inclusive approach to filmmaking. My guests will recount their experiences shooting in the welcoming state of Georgia and inside an enchanting historic mansion.

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