August Co-op Meeting – Chicago STEM Pathways Cooperative


On August 16th, the Chicago STEM Pathways Cooperative (STEM Co-op) convened hybridly.

The Co-op was pleased to welcome Jessica Burgess, STEM Education Outreach Lead at Argonne National Laboratory, to present on Argonne’s South Side STEM Asset Mapping Project. Through on-the-ground surveys, Jessica’s team is working to gain deep insights into the landscape of STEM opportunities in nine South Side community areas. In working with Schools, Community Organizations, Workforce Development Programs, and STEM Employers, the project will provide a comprehensive look at the resources and opportunities available in these neighborhoods.

Following this presentation, attendees discussed a variety of possible priorities and functions that the Co-op might serve. This discussion will continue at September’s meeting, as all attendees at next month’s meeting will complete a survey regarding how much they believe the Co-op should prioritize each of a wide-ranging list of possible functions. Make sure to attend next month so that your voice and the needs of your organization are heard!

Organizations represented included ACT Now Argonne National LaboratoryChicago Learning Exchange Chicago Student Invention ConventionIEEE Illinois Science and Technology CoalitionMetropolitan Water Reclamation District of Chicago,  Pritzker School of Molecular EngineeringShedd AquariumTutor/Mentor Institute, &  UChicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Additionally, attendees discussed the organization and functions of the Co-op’s Leadership Council. If you were not able to attend, members helped guide the future of the Co-op through discussion surrounding various priorities and ended by filling out the below Leadership Council Priorities Form. If you missed the meeting, please add your voice to the conversation by filling out the form.

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