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7 days ago

In this episode of Sci-Fi Talk, we delve into the world of Marvel’s Echo, analysing its authentic portrayal of disability and indigenous culture. Drawing on the perspectives of Alaqua Cox , the deaf actress portraying the main character, we explore the intricate web of Echo’s characterisation and the symbolisms in her hero costume that pay homage to the Choctaw Nation.

Alaqua discusses the emotional complexity of her character, Maya Lopez, who grapples with grief and betrayal after the murder of her father. The actress also shares insights into her personal connection to Maya, drawing parallels between their shared experiences of childhood trauma.

Digging further into Echo’s past, Aqua sheds light on Maya’s troubled relationship with Wilson Fisk, or the Kingpin – a criminal she once saw as family. We also explore the transition of Maya as she steps out from Kingpin’s shadow to reconnect with her blood-related family. Special thanks to Marvel Studios and EPK.TV for the audio.

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