Cosmology Talks: Intrinsic Alignments – A Guide for All Cosmologists


I was just thinking this afternoon that I haven’t posted recently any of the Cosmology Talks curated by Shaun Hotchkiss, then I looked and found that I had the perfect excuse for doing so. This particular talk is actually about one of the two new OJAp papers I announced in my previous post, i.e. “The IA Guide: A Breakdown of Intrinsic Alignment Formalisms” and the authors are: Claire Lamman (Harvard, USA);  Eleni Tsaprazi (Stockholm, Sweden);  Jingjing Shi (Tokyo, Japan); Nikolina Niko Šarčević (Newcastle, UK); Susan Pyne (UCL, UK); Elisa Legnani (Barcelona, Spain); and Tassia Ferreira (Oxford, UK).

Here is Shaun’s description of the video:

Claire Lamman, Jingjing Shi, Niko Šarčević, Susan Pyne, Elisa Legnani and Tassia Ferreira tell us about the intrinsic alignments guide they wrote (along with Eleni Tsaprazi, who couldn’t make the video recording).

They wanted to write something that wasn’t quite a review, but also wasn’t quite a set of lecture notes. Instead they aimed for what might be best framed as a “cheat sheet” for intrinsic alignments. Everything you need to know about the topic, compressed into one article. However, there’s still a lot about the topic, so the compression is still 33 pages and 10 figures big.

To construct the guide they broke the topic of intrinsic alignments into sub-fields and then asked questions like “what are the key equations for this sub-field?”, “what are the different notations people use?”, “what might be confusing to a newcomer?” They then wrote the guide to answer those questions, even including subsections with quick definitions of each common term, and short lists of common alternative notations.

And here is the video!

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