Curfew, a Series Where Men Aren’t Allowed Out at Night, Is Coming to Paramount+


Curfew, a Series Where Men Aren’t Allowed Out at Night, Is Coming to Paramount+

Paramount+ has greenlit the production of a U.K. thriller series called Curfew, which stars Doctor Who’s Mandip Gill (pictured above), Sarah Parish (Stay Close), Mitchell Robertson (Mayflies), and singer Alexandra Burke (Sister Act). 

According to Deadline, the premise of the series is suggested by its title: Men, living under what’s called “The Women’s Safety Act,” aren’t allowed to walk about from the hours of 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. and are monitored at all times by an ankle tag. That doesn’t stop a police officer named Pamela Green (Parish), however, from believing that the person who murdered a woman during curfew and left the body in front of the Women’s Safety Centre is a man. 

While Parish appears to be playing the protagonist of the series, we also know that Mitchell is playing a young police officer named Eddie who is Pamela’s partner for the investigation, Burke is taking on the role of a school teacher who is pro-curfew, and Gill’s character is a woman named Sarah who works at the male tagging center that’s somehow entangled in the murder. 

In case you missed what’s being explored here, producer Nathalie Peter-Contesse told Deadline that Curfew is a “provocative and thrilling show that aims to contribute to the important conversation around violence against women.”

No news on when the series will stream on Paramount+, although we do know that Lydia Yeoman (The Haze) is the lead writer on the show and Joasia Goldyn (Britannia) is directing the episodes. Other writers include Jess Green (EastEnders), who will tackle the third episode, and Sumerah Srivastav (Manifest), who will pen the fifth. icon-paragraph-end

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