Death! Romance! Time Travel! The Greatest Hits Trailer Has It All, Whether You Want It or Not


“If something happened to you, and I could stop it, but it would mean we would never meet, would you want me to?”

That’s a question that Lucy Boynton’s character, Harriett, asks the new Superman (aka actor David Corenswet, aka a character named Max in this movie) in the trailer for The Greatest Hits. The question isn’t rhetorical: Harriett’s life is a mess two years after Max died in a car crash. Somehow, however, listening to certain records literally transports her back in time.

(Just records, mind you. There’s no skipping along the space-time continuum while jamming to your favorite playlist on Spotify. Who knew time travel was such a hipster snob?)

In her time jumps, Max is still alive, and she is working to try to change the past and keep him on this mortal plane. Harriett, however, meets someone new in the present (After Yang and The Umbrella Academy’s Justin H. Min), and can’t help but feel like she’s cheating on her dead boyfriend who she still visits in the past when she finds the right record. Time travel angst ensues.

The Greatest Hits comes from writer-director Ned Benson, whose previous credits include developing the story for Black Widow. The movie comes out in select theaters on April 5, 2024 and begins streaming on Hulu on April 12.

Check out the trailer below. icon-paragraph-end

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