Don’t Panic! It’s Just an Alert! No Conspiracy Here!


On the front page of the Register Guard, a USA Today article about the alert signal. (Emergency alert test scheduled; Elizabeth Weise, Amaris Encinas.) First sentence:

Get ready to not freak out.

Second paragraph, first sentence: 

It’s a test – only a test.

Article goes on to explain what the alert signal is, etc. Most of us heard it today on our phones or televisions. Once again, we’re assured that:
No, it’s not a national conspiracy to infect people with nanoparticles.

After more explanations of the whys and hows of the alert, the article ends with another reassuring comment:

There are conspiracy theories on social media suggesting that the warning tone will somehow turn on technology that has been implanted into American’s bodies, putting them under some sort of “control.”

Those claims are untrue.
Good to know.

Interesting how the article mentions, more than once, how it’s not a conspiracy. (No, I don’t think it is a conspiracy.) (Not the nanoparticle implant part anyway.) Like the old joke: don’t think of a pink elephant. There are no such things as huge pink elephants, so don’t give it a thought. Then of course, all you can do is think about pink elephants.

Is there a conspiracy to make sure we don’t think it’s a conspiracy?

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