.Figuring Out The Prisoner: A Look at New Collectibles and Classic Themes


43 minutes ago

Welcome to Sci-Fi Talk, where today we leap into the enigmatic world of “The Prisoner,” the TV show that revolutionized spy-fi and continues to captivate audiences with its themes of individuality and freedom. Joining Tony Tellado ,are Gavin Hignight and Chris “Doc” Wyatt of Wandering Planet. 

We delve into the legacy of Patrick McGoohan, not just an acclaimed actor, a BAFTA award winner, who became the UK’s highest-paid TV star. We explore the influence of his earlier work on “Danger Man” and how it paved the way for “The Prisoner,” embarking on a deep dive into the artistic liberties that set the series apart.

With excitement, we discuss the much-anticipated wave of collectible action figures celebrating “The Prisoner.” We’ll reveal the fascinating process behind their creation—from the meticulous attention to detail. 

Additionally, we’ll recount Tony’s personal connection to the series, the profound effect it had on his youth, and recite memorable dialogues that resonate to this day. We’ll chat about obtaining rights, visits to Port Marion, and reminisce about our favorite characters, like Leo McKern, while touching on the deeper themes of this surreal show that continues to transcend generations.

Stay tuned as we discuss the exclusive availability of these action figures via Kickstarter, admire Patrick McGoohan’s versatility as an actor, and debate themes of individual rights and societal structures that are as relevant now as they were at the show’s inception.

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