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Fori Nagor’s ship: Difference between revisions | Wookieepedia

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Milan and Fori work together, taking Fori’s ship in different directions to find smuggling work, or more often opportunities for simple theft.
―Marda Ro, in her journal[1]

A ship belonged to the Twi’lek Fori Nagor, who had the ship in her possession[1] by around 381 BBY. Around that year,[2] Nagor visited the oldest settlement on the planet Dantooine, where she met Marda Ro—the Evereni[1] founder of a group of pirates who would eventually become the Nihil.[3] She[4] asked Nagor whether she had a ship and offered Nagor a position in her group once Nagor mentioned the ship. Nagor then worked alongside the human Milan Stor and they used the ship to search for opportunities for theft and smuggling.[1] At some point no earlier than 379 BBY,[5] the vessel was among the three ships that Ro sent to intercept the ship of the Evereni siblings Vika and Velya Faer in order to send the two Faers an invitation to meet her. Later, Ro mentioned the ship in a journal she recorded for her descendants.[1] By 252 BBY,[6] during his youth, Ro’s great-great-grandson Marchion Ro had listened to her recordings, including the messages where the ship was mentioned.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

The ship was mentioned in the short story “A Closed Fist Has No Claws,” written by Tessa Gratton and published in the 2023 young-adult anthology The High Republic: Tales of Light and Life as a part of the Star Wars: The High Republic multimedia project.[1]


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