From Dune to Tron: Exploring Movie Magic with Makeup Guru Donald Mowat


In this engaging episode of Sci-Fi Talk, host Tony Tellado catches up with renowned makeup artist Donald Mowat, known for his exquisite work on films like “Dune” and the upcoming “Tron” remake. Dive into the world of film and TV from a perspective rarely showcased – the intricate and often unsung work of the makeup department. **Episode Highlights:** – **Donald Mowat’s Insight into TV vs. Film Production**: Mowat discusses the industry shift from TV to movies, sharing his experiences and concerns regarding the production process and lack of proficiency he occasionally observes in TV projects. – **Memorable Experiences on Set**: Mowat opens up about the heartfelt moment when a student with a mental health condition expressed gratitude for one of his character portrayals. – **Industry Struggles Post-Strike and COVID-19**: Hear about the repercussions of these events, as crew members faced significant financial and insurance challenges, with many losing their insurance and homes.

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