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Here I am in Heathrow Airport waiting for a flight after a couple of days in London.

Every time I visit London it becomes harder to believe that I actually lived there years ago. On Thursday evening I took a stroll around Soho and walked past this place…

I used to be a member at Ronnie Scott’s and spent many late nights there back in the day. It must be about 25 years since I last set foot inside. I must go again for old times’ sake, but I didn’t have time on this trip.

Yesterday (Friday) was a very busy day, but a pleasant one. I spent the morning at a discussion meeting about Simulation based Inference in Astrophysics at which I learnt a lot. I didn’t attend the whole meeting however as I had to take some time out in the afternoon to do other things. I also met up with a couple of people I haven’t seen in person for a while, only to find out later that they both won Royal Astronomical Society Awards. Congratulations, then, to Pedro Ferreira on his Eddington Medal (Pedro is a member of the Editorial Board of the Open Journal of Astrophysics) and Sarah Kendrew for her part in the Team Award given to the MIRI instrument team for JWST.

After that I went to the “Parish Dinner” of the RAS Club at the Travellers in Pall Mall, which is the occasion when new members are elected by an arcane process defined by some truly bizarre rules. Somehow, though, the outcome turned out fine.

Anyway, I’ll soon be en route to a different part of not-Barcelona, so I think I’ll stretch my legs before the flight.

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