Gareth Edwards Jurassic World reboot to take place between first 2 Jurassic Park movies?


Gareth Edwards Jurassic World reboot to take place between first 2 Jurassic Park movies?

Let the rumor mill begin! Universal are firing all pistons on its Jurassic reboot, helped by Godzilla / Rogue One director Gareth Edwards, with casting underway currently – not much is known about the new film besides the fact it will not see any cast from Jurassic Park or Jurassic World returning. The film has been touted as more of a reboot since its announcement. New rumors have begun to surface which suggest the franchise could be taking a dramatic turn…

The following information has been classified as rumor, so we encourage readers to take the following with a grain of salt… however, it’s important to note that the same insider who has shared the following rumors, just recently shared some information on the upcoming Alien: Romulus movie, which turned out to be true.

According to V Scooper, he’s hearing that the new Jurassic film will be set between the first and second Jurassic Park films. Not only that, apparently the film will borrow elements from John Sayles’ canceled Jurassic Park 4 script… per V Scooper:

– A rescue team ventures into an island ruled by dinosaurs to save scientists

– The main hero to be a “John Wick” inspired character

– A hybrid human-dinosaur serum is uncovered at the end

– Focused on action and visuals

Nothing definite yet.

Building off of the news yesterday which suggested Scarlett Johansson had been offered the lead role in Gareth Edwards’ Jurassic Park movie:

Scarlett Johansson rumored to play a scientist sent to an island for research in the next Jurassic Park.

A female lead character is in the group of scientists saved by the rescuers. There were ideas of casting a Latina actress, so, the choice remains undecided. We’ll have to wait.

Of course, it’s still very early in production and we’re likely not going to get any confirmations or denials on any of the details mentioned above. However, it’s still worth noting since V Scooper does have a solid track record so far.

What do you think of the rumors so far? Do they intrigue or concern you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2024-03-15 21:59:13

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