Giant beings might still reside underground today!


Giant beings might still reside underground today!

The notion that giants once roamed the earth has been widely discussed and supported by photographs of their skulls and skeletons found worldwide. 

Ancient megalithic structures, enormous and enigmatic, prompt us to question their builders. It seems impossible that human beings could have constructed such structures. 

Take, for instance, the colossal stones of Sacsayhuamán in Peru. When The conquistadors asked theInca about the walls at Sacsayjuaman, the Inca told them the Giants had built it. 

Similarly, Malta, an island steeped in history and legend, houses mysterious megalithic structures that have baffled archaeologists for centuries. These massive stone temples, among the oldest globally, appear beyond the capabilities of prehistoric farmers. 

However, the intrigue doesn’t stop there.

Legends speak of the Nephilim, giant beings believed to have built these monumental structures. Some theories even suggest their descendants might still reside underground today. 

We investigate the possibility of these giants, examining bones, elongated skulls, and mysterious hidden subterranean chambers called The Hypogeum.


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