Glasgow 2024 Confirms Los Angeles as Sole Bidder for 2026 Worldcon Site – Locus Online


Glasgow 2024 has announced that LA in 2026 (Los Angeles) is the only site bid submitted by the filing deadline of February 18, 2024, as required by the WSFS Constitution. The election to select the site of the 2026 WorldCon will be administered by Glasgow 2024, the 2024 WorldCon. The documents filed by LA in 2026 are available at The proposed convention dates are August 27-31, 2026, at the Anaheim Convention Center and Anaheim Hilton. The bid chair and proposed convention chair is Joyce Lloyd.

From Glasgow 2024:

Worldcon sites are selected two years in advance, by a secret ballot of WSFS members. For this year this includes all full Adult and Young Adult Attending members, Online Members with bundled WSFS Memberships, and WSFS Members of Glasgow 2024.

Any group that meets the technical requirements in the WSFS Constitution and files the necessary documents with the administering Worldcon may bid for the right to host a Worldcon.

Glasgow 2024 WSFS Members who wish to vote in Site Selection will need to buy an Advance WSFS Membership in the 2026 Worldcon, at a cost of £45.00. All members who pay this fee will automatically become WSFS Members of the 2026 Worldcon, regardless of who they vote for (or indeed if they vote at all).

Details on how to vote in site selection will be announced early in April 2024. All Advance WSFS Membership fees received by Glasgow for the 2026 Worldcon will be passed on to the successful candidate.

The 82nd World Science Fiction Convention, Glasgow 2024, will be held in Glasgow, UK from August 8-12, 2024. For more information about the convention, including current membership rates, visit

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