Godzilla Minus One director says a sequel would probably include an enemy Monster!


Will Godzilla Minus One get a sequel? If so, what could we expect from it? Minus One director Takashi Yamazaki did suggest a sequel would likely not be another stand alone Godzilla film and would probably add another Monster to the mix!

Speaking to HJWeb (via Gormaru Island), this is what Takashi had to say:

HJWeb: “This is a bit off topic, but what are your plans for the next Godzilla film?”

Director Takashi Yamazaki:
“There is no such story. But I might be a little sad if someone else is chosen for the next work.

When someone says, “This is the person who will direct the next Godzilla,” I think, “Ah!” And when someone says, “Please do it”, I think, “Ah!”(laughs)

If I were to direct the next movie, I would like to do a sequel to this one, but since there have been two standalone Godzilla films in a row, I will probably have to include an enemy monster in the next one.”

What Toho Monster would you like to see brought back for a Minus One sequel if one was to be made? Let us know in the comments!

Godzilla Minus One is currently playing again for one last run in North America!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2024-01-26 11:54:48

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