Halo Season 2 Will be More Like A “Gritty Political War Drama,” According to Showrunner


The second season of Halo is set to premiere on Paramount+ in mere days, folks, and the cast wants to you to know that the series based on the popular video game is going to darker places.

Showrunner Otto Bathurst talked with Collider and other publications when the outlets visited the set during production, and he said that the upcoming episodes were “much more raw and much more grounded, and much more subjective, and you’re much more with the characters.”

He added, “It feels more like a kind of gritty political war drama rather than that slightly more kind of spec– I mean, it’s still a massive spectacle, but I would say that the main thing is it’s much more character-based. You’re much more with the characters. It’s much more subjective. It’s much more like you’re in it, you really feel like you’re in it.”

Pablo Schreiber, who plays Master Chief on the show, also said that the second season would be “vastly more authentic,” or at least as authentic as a sci-fi show full of space aliens can be. The answers here obviously address some criticism the series received when it first came out for being a “derivative” and “generic” take on the source material, though season one still has a 70% Rotten Tomato score, which is decent if not stellar.

You can judge for yourself how well season two accomplishes this when it premieres on Paramount+ on February 8, 2024

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