hidden experience: an infinite vastness


colorful swirling nebulas

In August of 2018 I had a hypnosis session with Yvonne Smith, and a lot emerged while I was on her couch. There was way more than I can share here, but I wanted to address one thing. Before the session began, I asked Yvonne: “While I’m under, ask me what’s up with the owls, I’m curious what I might say when I’m in such a vulnerable state.”

She said of course, and as the session ended she asked me. Below is an excerpt from the transcript made from an audio recording:

Yvonne:  What sense do you get about your connection with owls?

I get that the owl isn’t important. The owl is like a symbol, or like a sign on a door. It’s just a sign on a door and what’s behind the door is what’s important…

For a few moments I mumbled and stammered. I was struggling to say something. I spoke in fragments about being an artist, and that I understood something—then I began speaking very clearly.

I understand how people take in a story, and how they need a symbol or a sign on the door. But the owl is meaningless to what is on the other side of the door. It’s just the doorway that’s important. The owl is the right symbol for the door. We are on this side, and EVERYTHING else is on that side of the door. There is a LOT more! We are in this little tight hallway here, and on the other side of the door is this vastness!

This excerpt stands alone within the overall hypnosis session. I speak clearly and with purpose, while nearly everything else is spoken softly, almost whispered. I asked Yvonne if I might have been channeling this reply, and she said that would be impossible to answer. What I can say is that it really surprised me, because it is such a bold poetic way to answer Yvonne’s question. I’ve retold this off-the-cuff in podcasts, personal conversations, and from the stage at UFO conferences. I’ve been re-quoting myself, and saying one part with two extra words.

I will say:

We are on this side of the door in a tight little claustrophobic hallway, and on the other side of the door is an infinite vastness!

Whereas in the recorded session I said:

We are in this little tight hallway, and on the other side of the door is this vastness!

The difference is minimal, and the words I added are claustrophobic and infinite. I need to say that the hypnosis had visuals; I could see a hallway, and I could see out the door. The imagery in my mind was vivid, and the hallway was tight and claustrophobic, it felt like the interior of a cramped old hotel. I saw the door open, and on the other side was a view out into space. It looked like a cheesy special effect from an old low-budget sci-fi movie. It was a bunch of swirling nebulas and colorful galaxies, all layered on on top of the other.

So, given the visuals, the words claustrophobic and infinite are entirely appropriate to what I saw and felt, though not exactly what I said under hypnosis.

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