hidden experience: Earth: A Love Story



    This is a true story.  

    I’m not going to tell it the way it happened. I don’t have a high perch where I looked down from above and watched it all play out, noting this and that, keeping track of how that thing wove into this thing and seeing clearly what it all meant.  

    No, I’m telling it the way I remember it. The way I experienced it down here, deep, deep down in and through my most intimate relationship to life. Looking out through my eyes. 

~       ~       ~

I have been listening to a haunting and beautiful story. Author and experiencer Robin Lassiter is reading her book, one chapter at a time, on a podcast series. It’s a memoir of UFO contact and all the emotional and spiritual challenges that comes with these elusive experiences. There have been other books along this line, yet her’s feels so different. Robin tells her story is told in a deeply moving and personal way, and it’s impossible not to feel touched.

Her book is Earth: A Love Story. I have read it, and hopefully it will be out soon. This is highly recommended, and her site with the podcast series is linked below.


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