In Transit | In the Dark


So here I am in Abu Dhabi International Airport. It’s about 8.40 pm my time, which is about 4.40 pm GMT. I’ve decided to take the so-called “silly” route to Barcelona to resume my sabbatical (via Sydney Australia), and Abu Dhabi is the first staging post along the way. The flight so far – with Etihad – has been pleasant enough: on time, and with nice food and wine. I wasn’t sure about the in-flight entertainment though. That seemed to consist of a very long cartoon showing a very large aeroplane moving very slowly over a map. Still, there was some nice music to listen to, including some jazz and several Schubert piano sonatas and I’ve got plenty to read.

The first leg was about 7 hours or so, which isn’t too bad. The next bit is almost twice as long and there’s another +7 hrs in terms of time difference. I’m not sure what state I’ll be in when I get to my final destination but I’ll find out by about 7.30pm Sydney time tomorrow.

I’ll update when I get to the other side!

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