Interview: Jeri Ryan On Taking Seven From Borg To Bi Captain Of The Enterprise To ‘Star Trek: Legacy’ –


Interview: Jeri Ryan On Taking Seven From Borg To Bi Captain Of The Enterprise To ‘Star Trek: Legacy’ –

This year, Jeri Ryan received her fifth Saturn Award nomination for playing Seven of Nine in two different Star Trek series. She won in 2001 for Voyager and then again this year for the third and final season of Picard, which ended by setting her up as Captain of the newly christened USS Enterprise-G. TrekMovie spoke to Ryan before and after her Saturn win about the character’s arc and asked if she is ready to lead the much-discussed Star Trek: Legacy spin-off.   

Along with yours, Star Trek has 15 total nominations tonight. Do you feel that Picard and Star Trek are having a moment and getting some of the recognition that the franchise deserved back in the ‘90s?

I think it’s definitely getting a little more mainstream notice, which is cool. I think I think genre TV and films as a whole, I think are more mainstream now than I think they used to be.

Your fellow nominee Jonathan Frakes has said he did his best Star Trek work in season 3 of Picard. Do you feel you did your best work as Seven in season 3 or in all 3 seasons of Picard?

I think it was some of my best work as this character because we had some of the best writing as this character. I’ve been so lucky. She’s had such an arc over the years, starting out not even human 20-something years ago, and to end up as the captain of the Enterprise was pretty big character growth.

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in “The Next Generation”(Paramount+)

Speaking of being captain of the Enterprise, I did speak to Terry [Matalas] and I know Legacy isn’t real yet, but if it happens, are you ready to lead a show as captain of the ship?

You know, I have learned one thing with this franchise, which is: never say never. So we’ll see.

If it were to happen, what would you like to see for the character?

I am not a writer, I have no illusions about being a writer. There are people like Terry and our amazing writing staff who do that very, very well. I trust this character to be in good hands with them. So I don’t have any story ideas to pitch. This is not a route that I would have ever imagined for her and I think it’s amazing.

But if Legacy happened, are you ready to go?


Jeri Ryan accepting the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress (Saturn Awards)


You also won a Saturn for playing Seven on Voyager, how does it feel to do it again over two decades later?

It’s a huge honor. It was such a rare gift to have this much growth and character arc. It’s pretty cool. I feel lucky. And congratulations to all the other nominees. I am in huge awe of their work.

Looking back to Voyager, how do you think [co-creator/executive producer] Jeri Taylor would feel about where Seven has gone and the rejuvenation of the character in Picard?

I think Jeri especially would be thrilled with Seven’s development. I know that she was a big champion for Seven from the beginning. I think that she would be thrilled that Seven is a bi captain and character. It is my understanding that is something she championed from the beginning as well. I think at the time the network felt that they weren’t ready for that yet. But I think she would be thrilled. I hope she would be.

Michelle Hurd as Raffi Musiker and Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine in “The Last Generation” (Paramount+)

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