. Jide Martin: Elevating African Narratives Through Comic Republic’s Universe


2 days ago

Welcome to another episode of the Sci-Fi Talk Podcast. Today we’re delving into the rich tapestry of African storytelling through the lens of comic books with our esteemed guest, Jide Martin of Comic Republic.We’ll discover the remarkable ways that Comic Republic is bringing the African experience to life on the page.

Their fully African team of artists and creators are driving change in the African comic space, shaping narratives that are not only entertaining but deeply rooted in African mythology and contemporary issues. With a staff of around 130 people, including a dynamic writing team , Comic Republic has created a spectrum of characters that resonate on a global scale.

I’m particularly excited about Comic Republic’s recent deal with Universal Studios, which promises to bring over 15 IPs to our screens with live-action adaptations that are sure to captivate audiences worldwide. So join us as we explore this universe that’s empowering, representing, and resonating with fans on a global stage.

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