Kyōryū: Brave Director to Helm Animated Series About Samurai Dinosaurs


Kyōryū: Brave Director to Helm Animated Series About Samurai Dinosaurs

Mark Andrews—whose previous credits include writing and directing Pixar’s Brave as well as being a storyboard artist for Marvel’s What If…?—is on board to bring Kyōryū, an animated series about samurai dinosaurs, to life.

According to Variety, the animation and VFX Studio Floating Rock brought Andrews on board after releasing a proof-of-concept trailer last year. (A trailer you can see below if you missed it the first time around.)

Here’s the synopsis:

Amidst the ruins of a post-apocalyptic Japan, genetically re-engineered dinosaurs have survived humans and become the dominant species. Ancient primal instincts ignite modern tribal wars, and the ultimate survivors must navigate a world where the balance of power has shifted in ways no one could have foreseen.

“‘Dinosaurs in postapocalyptic Japan?’ I want to see that show without even knowing what the story’s about! We’re going to give the audience way more than they bargained for,” Andrews told Variety.

He added: “Why Floating Rock? We totally synced up right from the start… this is a fantastic group. They’re a startup, but they’ve got a ton of experience, energy and great ideas. They’re rebels, and I love that. So yes, let’s take the hill… they established the field and I immediately wanted to do battle. Let’s do this!”

The trailer looks cool, though I have questions. Did humans and dinosaurs co-exist, living together, before people died out? And how is there still power to light up all those neon signs?

The project is currently in development, so no news yet on when it will make its way to screen near you.

And here’s the trailer for Kyōryū that Floating Rock put out last year. icon-paragraph-end

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