Little Shop of Horrors To Get a “Reimagining” Titled Little Shop of Halloween Horrors


Little Shop of Horrors is getting another reboot, and this one has some heavy horror hitters behind it.

According to Deadline, Gremlins and The Howling director Joe Dante, Little Shop of Horrors writer and prolific producer Roger Corman, and producer Brad Krevoy are reimagining the cult horror classic in a film called Little Shop of Halloween Horrors. The hope, according to the trade, is that it will spawn a whole new franchise. It will see Dante directing, Cormon and Kevoy co-producing, and writer Charles S. Haas (Gremlins 2: The New Batch) penning the script.

1960’s Little Shop of Horrors centers on a florist named Seymour (Jonathan Haze) who uncovers a plant with a penchant for consuming human flesh. The movie, which also features a cameo from a young Jack Nicholson, became a cult classic, earning it a musical stage adaptation in 1982 that was then adapted for film in a 1986 feature directed by Frank Oz and starring Rick Moranis.

This latest iteration appears to be a different project than the one announced in 2020 with Greg Berlanti at the helm (which also held rumors that Chris Evans would star). That project, if it is still in the works, appears to be a reboot of the 1986 flick, which was an adaptation of the musical, not the original 1960 film. (Are you still with me? I hope so.)

This project is still in its early days, so no news yet on casting or release date, much less how Little Shop of Halloween Horrors will reimagine its source material.   icon-paragraph-end

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