Live streams of the 2024 Total Solar Eclipse (8 April UT).


Total Solar Eclipse as seen from Dallas, Texas on 8 April (US time 9April in Australia). Simulated in Stellarium. Chart of the path of the solar eclipse from Fred Espenak’s eclipse site

 Sadly, none of the 2024 total solar eclipse is visible from Australia. However, there are several live streams of the event we Southern Hemispherians can log into. Again, sadly, the eclipse is starting at 16:38 UT on the 8th, and is greatest at 18:17 UT. This translates to around 2 am and 4 am on the 9th (Tuesday) in Eastern Australia, so you have to be up very, very early. If you are a diehard eclipse fan, here are some live streams for you (many may be oversubscribed or choked for band width, so you may have to hop around to find one that works).

Time and date: Live-stream starts 2 am AEST on the 9th.

Virtual Telescope Project: Live-stream starts around 3 am AEST on the 9th.

NASA TV. Live-stream starts around 3 am AEST on the 9th.

Exploratorium. Live-stream stars around 3 am AEST on the 9th.

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