Mysterious Cattle Mutilations. – Chuck Zukowski UFO/Paranormal Investigations : Chuck Zukowski UFO/Paranormal Investigations


Mysterious Cattle Mutilations. – Chuck Zukowski UFO/Paranormal Investigations : Chuck Zukowski UFO/Paranormal Investigations

I’m writing this blog because I’m always asked about the mysterious Cattle Mutilation phenomenon. Well first, Cattle mutilations or, “Animal Mutilations” because I’ve investigated not just cows, but horses, sheep, goats and even a dog, are deaths caused under paranormal circumstances. Paranormal because of the strange ways these animals have died. Completely void of blood, strange surgical incisions on their hide, and complete lack of predator or human cause of death evidence. There have been thousands of cases across the U.S. and out of all those cases that were investigated by law enforcement, no human or predator evidence has been found causing the death.

In other words, “Law enforcement has been unable to locate who is responsible for these deaths.” No one has been caught, tried, or convicted. A complete unknown baffling law enforcement agencies across the US. So much so, that some agencies are afraid to go public with their cases.

Mutilations have a tendency to happen around the same time frame but in segments throughout the year. Some may be within the same state, some may be a few days apart in different states, but it appears they’re linked together.

Last year I was in contact with the investigating deputy for the cattle mutilation deaths in Madison County, Texas. What I learned from that deputy was that all the animal deaths, some say five some say six, were identical to the case I had just investigated out of Harney County Oregon. That case happened about a week before the Texas cases.

I know this because I shared pictures of the Oregon case to the Madison County Sheriff’s investigative deputy, and that deputy confirmed it! The deputy was supposed to give me a copy of their investigation case report, but “I’m guessing” was ordered to stay silent. But before they went silent with me, I learned a lot about their cases and also the deputy learned a lot about the mutilation phenomenon from me. Hopefully what the deputy learned from me, will be incorporated in their investigations if they encounter another animal mutilation in their county.

Also, because of some contacts I have in Texas, I learned about some interesting information about the area where the mutes happened. Local law enforcement agencies generally won’t look at other types of evidence I would look for due to my experience. I’m pretty sure I know something they don’t know.

Some evidence I learn from different cases I don’t release to the public. Why? Because if I see that particular evidence at other cases, then I know those cases are real.

2023 Harney County Oregon Mutilation.
Photo courtesy of Harney County Sherrif’s Department

The Harney County Sheriff’s department in Oregon shared their case report with me and I helped them understand what a mutilation is, and also shared with them my investigative techniques and notes from previous cases. Hopefully if they have another case, they’ll remember me.

I was also in contact with another Sheriff’s department this time in Kansas, about a mutilation case they had late 2023. They shared information with me, and I shared my experience with them. They decided not to go public with their mute case and I respected that.

There were two other cases in Southern Colorado after the Kansas case, each happening within a week of each other. I spoke to both ranchers but didn’t get a chance to see their animals in person. I did receive photos from one of the ranchers and it was definitely a mute case.

One of the ranchers also had a UFO sighting within the mute time frame and sent me the photos he took. Really interesting stuff.

Cattle Mutilation History:

First, we can go back to a story from 1896. That story was published in Volume 38, No.11 of Fate Magazine. Issue November of 1985, it was printed in a story called, “Cattle-Killing UFO of 1896”.

In August of 1896 in Howell County, Missouri, a family experienced a UFO encounter.

Excerpts from the Fate Magazine article: (Previously posted in a previous blog.)

– “All at once we saw flashing lights. At first we thought they were a star shower, but the “stars” stayed in a circle as if they were all strung together like beads.”

– “The circle of lights just kept whirling and falling towards us.”

– “ I ran to my mother and clung to her skirts, crying and shaking so hard that I could barely stand.”

– “ It stopped and hovered over the barn. We could now see it was a large saucer-like shape. It’s lights were blinding. The whole barn lot lit up like day.”

– “My father grabbed up the baby who was sleeping on a pallet and we fled into the house.”

– “The next morning when Ben took his dog Cappie and went out to the pasture to bring up the milk cows, as he always did, he came running back to the house scared out of his wits.”

– “In a large patch of burned grass were three of our steers lying dead on the ground.”

Note: The father then examined the steers and noticed they were completely drained of blood.

Now jump to September 27th, 1967 in the San Luis Valley, Colorado.

Lady, a 3-year-old Appaloosa was found dead at the King Ranch on September 9th. Found at the base of Blanca Peak near Alamosa, Colorado, a reporter had misidentified the horse’s name and called it Snippy. Lady’s flesh had been stripped from her neck and head. Two weeks after the animal was found, Duan E. Martin, a forestry aid with the US Forestry Service used a Geiger counter on the ground near the carcass and picked up some high radiation readings in a couple of areas.

The following is newspaper clip from the Denver Public Library.

Newspaper clipping from the Denver Public Library. Link below.

Snippy’s skeleton, or should I say, Lady’s skeleton, is on display at the UFO Watch Tower in Hooper, Colorado. So, if you’re ever near the Great Sand Dunes of Colorado, just a quick hop away will get you to Judy Messoline’s Watch Tower in Hooper.

UFO Watch Tower in Hooper, Colorado in the San Luis Valley. Overlooking the Great Sand Dunes and San Luis Valley.
Snippy’s skeleton (aka Lady) at the UFO Watch Tower, Hooper Colorado. (2023)

Now jump to March 15th, 2009, (15 years ago) when I did my first cattle mutilation investigation in Colorado. I had researched mutilations in the past, investigated sites from previous mutilations, but this was the first mutilated animal I came face to face with.

Me checking for radiation on the Duran’s mutilated animal back in 2009 with a Civil Defense Geiger Counter. I had to pick up something really quick for the investigation. After that I purchased a digital Geiger Counter.

Rancher Duran from Westin Colorado discovered his 26 year old cow dead under unusual circumstances two days after he had noticed it was missing. The last day he had seen the animal was on Friday March 6th, then on Sunday March 8th, he spotted the animal laying on its left side near the Purgatoire river bank. Upon examining his animal he noticed the vaginal area and the udders had been mysteriously removed. The removed areas were circular cuts showing no signs of blood or physical trauma. The cuts he noticed seemed to be laser cut and sealed at the same time. Mike had a similar experience back in 1995 when he lost a cow to similar circumstances. The udders had been removed in a familiar faction.

Cause of Death:

Since 2009 I’ve done quite a few animal mutilation investigations in person. I’ve taken many biological samples and even a carcass to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital & Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory at the Colorado State University, in Fort Collins, Colorado.

In between taking different animal mutilation biological samples to the lab, I also did a couple of presentations at the school to inform the students about Animal Mutilations and what I was finding. In return, they gave me the opportunity to sit in an learn a little bit about what they do and what can help me in the field. I helped with a horse necropsy and dissected its heart which I learned stays full of blood after death unless the animal is bled out.

Every one of my animal mutilation cases the animal was void of blood and a few cases where I saw the heart, well it was collapsed. So, the animal had been bled out.

Chuck Zukowski at Colorado State University Veterinary Lab
Me dressed in scrubs at the lab.

Throughout my animal mutilation investigations, I’ve also found “sometimes” strange crop circle type circular depressions on the ground in which the animal was lying in its center.

The following picture was taken at an investigation near the town of San Luis, Colorado and shows the ground depression near the carcass. The carcass had just been pulled away from the ground depression center by a bear. Why? The bear wouldn’t scavenge the carcass as long as it was within the depression. I think the bear sensed something unusual.

Carcass pulled out of ground anomaly before a bear would scavenge it.

I took soil samples from within the ground depression and in a controlled area outside the ground depression and had them analyzed. (Comparison analysis.) The soil cations or (CEC’s) were different from within the soil depression compared to outside the depression at a controlled soil sample site. The controlled sample site has to be in a somewhat identical soil and vegetation area for proper comparison to the mute sample soil.

What are Cations?

Info from Purdue University website on soil:
Positively-charged ions are cations; negatively-charged ones are anions. The most common soil cations (including their chemical symbol and charge) are: calcium (Ca++), magnesium (Mg++), potassium (K+), ammonium (NH4+), hydrogen (H+) and sodium (Na+).

The total number of cations a soil can hold–or its total negative charge–is the soil’s cation exchange capacity. The higher the CEC, the higher the negative charge and the more cations that can be held.

In my samples at this site and other sites I took samples from in Colorado and a couple of other states, all showed the same results, the CEC’s have changed. So, something altered the positive and negative charge of the soil.

I’ve picked up electro-magnetic fields (EMF) not only from some mutilation sites in the soil but also on a couple of mutilation carcasses as well. One carcass I measured was over 100 microteslas which is double the Earth’s magnetic field! This tells me there was some type of energy being used during the mutilation process.

How the animals are being mutilated:

I believe an energy source is picking up the animal from site A, which is where the animal was in the pasture prior to the mutilation. Then the animal is transported to an unknown site B, where the mutilation takes place. At site B the animal is drained of blood first, then the surgical cuts and removal of some or all of the organs are performed. I know the animal is drained of blood first because, all the biological samples of the unknown surgical incisions that I had tested at one time or another, showed no hemorrhaging or the animal bleeding out.

So, the animal was dead before the mutilation actually took place.

When the dead animal is no longer needed at Site B, it is then transported to Site C. Site C is in the general area of Site A, and I know this because in two of my separate investigations I found where the animal was originally taken. One site we found the animal’s single footprints along a fence about 40 to 60 yards away from the carcass. The footprints had just stopped and showed no other prints. Then another case, also about 40-60 yards from where the animal was taken laid its newborn calf. The mother was taken and mutilated, but the calf survived.

If a natural predator is responsible for mutilations, then why in this case, was the 1100-pound mother killed yet her newborn calf was not? The calf survived and was re-introduced into the herd and was adopted by another mother. There was evidence the mother was taken just after the birth because female cows will eat the placenta to retrieve nourishment for their milk. Half of the placenta had been eaten and was still near the unharmed calf.

But wait, there’s more to these mutilation phenomenons.

Some of my investigations include:
– Some ranchers see strange flashes of light on their property a week or two before they find one of their animals dead.
– Some ranchers have seen “Balls of Light” on their property before and after mutilations. The Balls of Light are similar to the “Foo Fighters” seen during WWII by our pilots.
– One rancher actually had an interaction with “Balls of Light”. We covered that investigation on my TV show, Alien Highway.
– Some ranchers have actually seen UFO’s in the sky near their property too! Some Tic-Tac shaped and some metallic looking crafts have been reported.
– Some ranchers have seen what we call, “Shadow People” on their property. More about Shadow People on an upcoming blog.
– There was one commercial airline pilot who reported to Air Traffic Control that, what appeared to be a high intensity Lazer was pointed at them. The plane was at cruising altitude and the light was coming from a desolate area near Walsenburg, Colorado. A couple of months later, eight cow mutilations were reported from that same area of Walsenburg.
– Some of the ranchers who I ran investigations for have claimed, after the mutilation maybe a week later, what appears to be an un-marked helicopter was seen hovering over the mutilation site. Usually seen in the late evening hours.


Sandy Proctor and me from an Alien Highway episode.

YOU TELL ME? Who or what is mutilating animals? What’s going on?

One thing that needs to be considered is, since at least 1896, all mutilations have one thing in common, the blood was removed. There are some theories why. Here are some of the theories:
– Aliens are using mammal blood for nutrition.
– Aliens are using mammal blood to create Alien/Human Hybrids.
– Aliens are using mammal blood as environmental research.
– It’s not Aliens but something supernatural.
– It’s not Aliens but some other type of creature.
– It’s humans.
– It’s our government.

I can tell you it’s not humans or our government, because of the human factor, we are not perfect and eventually will leave evidence.

In 2011 Special Forces crashed a “Stealth” Black Hawk helicopter during the raid to capture Osama Bin Laden. That was a lot of evidence left behind. Even the best of the best is not perfect so in the estimated 10,000 mutilation cases we’ve had, there would have been some human evidence found due to, not being perfect.

But I believe the military type helicopters that are seen after mutilations are from a secret government agency running their own investigation. They’re most likely using high-tech equipment to find evidence they already know about or are looking for new evidence.

I know there will be mutilation cases in the near future or maybe some which have already happened within the past couple of weeks. All I can hope for is being able to investigate some. It seems like I learn a little bit more about this phenomenon with each case I know about.

And if government officials or law enforcement agencies want a little help with their cases, I’m always here to help. And if I’m asked not to release any detailed information about the case to the public, then I won’t. Like I said previously, I don’t report all my investigations.

Chuck Zukowski

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Purdue University Cation Exchange Capacity,and%20sodium%20(Na%2B).

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