Mysterious Light Caught On Live TV At Hong Kong Protest Rally


Mysterious Light Caught On Live TV At Hong Kong Protest Rally

I became aware of this 2014 TV capture last fall – shortly after the posting of the below video which includes the background of which I’ve provided below:
On September 30, 2014 a man in South Lanarkshire’s civil parish of Blantyre in Scotland was watching BBC coverage of the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong when he noticed something unusual in the sky.

Vincent Smith was perplexed by what he saw on the TV—a bright object slowly moving through the sky over Hong Kong. He apparently recorded the broadcast, and then recorded a video of his television as he replayed the broadcast to point out the UFO. He sent his video to local media outlet the Hamilton Advertiser.

UFO Caught On TV At Protest Rally

Same Video Here…Bare Basic…Includes comment comparing to Jerusalem Dome Video

Indeed…we’ve seen at UDCC before that “UFO’s” are not uncommon at large gatherings of humans…especially ones that are emotionally charged. Additionally, this UFO…in 2014…again providing “unalterable” proof…is similar to the 2011 Jerusalem Orb in its movements, especially the vertical take off. …. Now…when I went in search of “confirming” videos (folks at the event preferably) … I did find other Hong Kong UFO videos…but, I’m still looking for a second confirmation on this one. will enjoy this 300x magnification Version I bet.
Here’s another Hong Kong 2014 Daytime UFO Video … best seen at the 35 second mark and again around 49. 
How about a bit more? Like an intellectual discussion on actually traveling by “rocket” within our time cone to get to the nearest star…. including all the acceleration time and how much time would pass for those on the rocket… very interesting.
Details On How To Get To Proxima Centauri

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