Neverland or Prodigy? What is the official title for the upcoming Alien TV series?


Neverland or Prodigy? What is the official title for the upcoming Alien TV series?

News is cooking on the upcoming Alien TV series for FX and working titles are starting to be thrown around! There are a few titles being reported this week as news breaks for the Noah Hawley production and while new reports by World of Reel have claimed the show will officially by called Alien: Neverland – this conflicts with other reports claiming the show will be titled Alien: Prodigy. Below we will outline why and what’s likely most plausible.

Why Alien: Neverland?

In World of Reel’s report, they claim the title of the show is Alien: Neverland and also offer some new plot details:

In ALIEN: Neverland we are introduced to the characters on Earth set 30 years prior to Ridley Scott’s 1979 Alien film. Characters are caught in a conflict with the beginning of AI intelligence and the competition among developers and users.

Now, while the title of the show could very well be Neverland, it also happens to be the title for the series’ first episode.

What about Alien: Prodigy?

The title Alien: Prodigy seems more likely, as we’ve known for some time that the show centres around a new corporation and competitor to the Weyland-Yutani corporation – the Prodigy Corp., which specialises in the blending of organic and inorganic consciousness. To further support the likelihood that the show is in fact called Alien: Prodigy, our friends at AvPGalaxy have leaked what they claim to be the logo for the show and the name of the show’s pilot episode Neverland on the same banner, check it out:

They also reveal the show was at one point working under the code-name Mr. October and also revealed that the show’s first episode was at one time going to be called this as well:

The series’ premiere episode was also originally titled Mr. October until it was shifted down the line-up to become the second episode of the series, with a new episode titled Neverland written to open the series.

So, while both names are likely and possible – if we had to place bets on which title is more likely the show’s actual name – we’d go with Alien: Prodigy and Neverland being the name of the show’s pilot episode.

Which name do you prefer? Sound off in the comments! 

The Alien TV series is currently eyeing an early 2025 release date.

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