New Alien 5 plot details reveal in Blomkamp’s version, Xenomorphs would have built the Derelict spacecraft with Human DNA.


In a very bizarre surprise update about Neill Blomkamp’s scrapped Alien 5 movie, it’s been revealed that the film’s plot would have suggested that the Derelict spacecraft discovered in Ridley Scott’s original Alien was actually created by Xenomorphs… not Engineers (as established in Scott’s prequel Prometheus) – yes you read that right. Not only would Xenomorphs have been the creators of the Derelict, but the film would have revealed that the ship was also created using aspects of Human DNA… making the ship part Human, in essence.

Mike from Mike’s Monsters released a nice video about Neill Blomkamp’s unmade Alien film, discussing how the project came to be over the years, sharing concept art, story, direction, creatures, comments by the filmmakers and actors, and the eventual cancellation.

Towards the end of the video (at 37:17), Mike said he was told some plot details about Blomkamp’s alien film by the former executives, folks who worked on the special effects. While he wasn’t able to share everything about the plot yet in case it may get reused in future projects, he did share this plot detail:

Alien 5

“During the excavation and research of the Derelict ship, we were going to find out it was made out of human DNA, created by Xenomorphs. The Xenomorphs were going to use their saliva and bodily fluids to take humans and rewrite their DNA into building a spacecraft, like the crashed ship we saw in Alien. So we come to find out that that ship was also made out of human DNA. It was described to me as District 9 with Xenomorphs, but emphasized not in a good way.”

Alien 5 movie

Watch the video breakdown below:


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