Next Phase, New Wave, Dance Craze, Anyways [Open Theremin V4]


Next Phase, New Wave, Dance Craze, Anyways [Open Theremin V4]

Open Theremin V4 kit arrived today!

This is the kit. All the components of the V4 screw or click together so there’s no need for dodgy soldering.

Like the V3, the V4 is a digital theremin based on an Arduino. Cleverly, as both Arduino and Open Theremin are open source design projects, the Arduino is included in the circuit for the V4, so there’s no need to buy one separately. For more information or to buy a kit you can head to the project website here.

Side by side comparison: the V4 is taller, slimmer and lighter than the V3, and doesn’t need to sit on a separate Arduino. Controls are basically the same but the play/standby control is a finger touchpad instead of a switch. Power is now USB-C, and there is now a CV line for synthesizer as well as the mini-jack audio.

I am completely operational and all my circuits are functioning perfectly. Assembled, up and running after just a few minutes, and I’ve started playing. Feels and sounds very similar to the V3 so far. I will however need to order a longer USB-C cable. I might build a LEGO case later, but for the moment I’m enjoying the sleek, minimalist design too much. I shall record some videos and inflict some “music” on you soon.

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