Open Journal of Astrophysics Update


I’ve just noticed that my post earlier in the week about changes to the publication system at the Open Journal of Astrophysics is dated April 1st. I can assure you it wasn’t meant as a joke! Anyway, the integration with Crossref is now complete and I’ve started clearing the backlog of papers waiting to be published. I would say normal service has been resumed, but the idea is to make the process faster and more reliable than before so it’s hopefully a return but to better-than-normal service.

I want first of all to thank the people at Maynooth University Library, Crossref, and Scholastica for helping us figure out the issue and solve it. We would no doubt have got there faster were it not for the intervention of the Easter break, but in any case it has only required a pause of publication for a couple of weeks.

I’ll resume the regular weekly updates at the weekend. However, one paper got snarled up when we ran into a problem. Although published on 20th March, it was never properly registered with Crossref. The only way I could think of to sort out the issue with this one was to start it again, which I did this morning, and it is now published though I kept the publication date as 20th March.

This paper, by Yingtian Chen and Oleg Gnedin of the University of Michigan, is the 21st paper to be published in Volume 7 and the 136th altogether. It is a study of kinematic, chemical and age data of globular clusters from Gaia yielding clues to how the Milky Way Galaxy assembled. You can read the article on arXiv directly here.

You will note the new format of DOI on the overlay. Nothing else has changed that’s visible to the reader.

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