Operation Alice – Session 3


Operation Alice – Session 3


Just before we begin I’d like to give thanks and appreciation to the good folks at R&S Dyga, who supply the location for our sessions. This remarkable Fraserburgh shop here in the north east of Scotland recently celebrated its 65th birthday. What began as a traditional newsagents has adapted and morphed into a location which now focuses on experiences and events – stocking local giftware, takeaway coffee, cards, stationery, toys, and local books. However, even more exciting for this here nerd, they host a range of gaming nights each week including board games, roleplaying games and wargaming.

You can find out more from their Facebook page at: R & S Dyga

The session this week was halted for a short while our group were interrogated after being accused of acting like ‘Rebel scum’……..


A Stormtrooper, 3 agents, a handler and a bounty hunter.


Delta Green Case Record: Top Clearance Eyes Only

Session 3 – Friday, 5th July 2024

Field Agents:

Agent Murdoch

Agent Militia

Agent Marvin

Operation Notes:

Agent Frustration:
Agents Murdoch, Marvin, and Militia become increasingly frustrated with Thomas Manuel’s seemingly ordinary demeanor.

1300 Hours – Basement Inspection:

Agents Murdoch and Militia accompany Manuel to the basement to inspect his work, while Marvin returns to Abigail’s apartment to continue cataloging evidence.



Marvin’s Discovery:

Marvin discovers a napkin with a complex diagram of a mechanical machine, drawn in ballpoint pen. The napkin, folded from thick paper, has gold initials “GBR” in the corner. He catalogs it and places it in an evidence bag. An almighty bang outside draws his attention, revealing a minor car accident involving a car crashing into a lamp post, apparently to avoid a drunk man. When Marvin checks the evidence bag, the napkin has vanished.



Basement Findings:

Murdoch and Militia observe various boxes and materials stored in the basement, some labeled with tenants’ names. They also note three large containers of linseed oil with a note, “Sami to pick up.” Manuel points out several charcoal drawings by Louis Post, each a portrait of a middle-aged man named Asa Daribondi.

In a separate area, they find four large canvases:

A blank canvas labeled “MY GREAT WORK,” which Thomas gazes at proudly.

A second canvas depicts a child-size clown in yellow and blue trailing a white paper dragon, resembling the clown seen in Washington Square.

A third canvas shows a white-faced specter standing on a strange aquamarine rug.

The fourth canvas portrays a young, thin man in a hospital gown, his deformed, muscular mirror twin reflected.


Due to past experiences, Murdoch perceives the clown in the painting, while Militia sees only a landscape.

1400 Hours – Lobby Incident:

Marvin hears the lobby phone ring but ignores it, preoccupied with the vanished evidence and the accident outside. Murdoch and Militia return to Abigail’s apartment with the clown painting. Marvin, with his previous encounters, sees the clown as well. However, when Marvin mentions the car accident, Murdoch and Militia insist there was none, and a glance out the window confirms it.


Asa Daribondi


Sanity Questions:

Marvin reports the disappearing evidence to the other two agents, raising questions about their sanity. The agents contact Delta Green friendly, Rebecca O’Brien, to collect and analyze the evidence. She agrees to send a courier.

1430 Hours – Courier Interaction:

The courier arrives, and the agents note that the food evidence putrefies immediately upon leaving the Macallister building. They hand over the food remnants and plane ticket for analysis.

1500 Hours – Local Café:

The agents head to a local café for food and to inquire about the Macallister tenants. Waitress Jennie informs them that tenants stopped coming in around May. Abigail Wright, a regular customer, had frequently drawn there before becoming engrossed in a red book she would avidly read.


1600 Hours – Return to Macallister Building:

The agents decide to return to the Macallister building to interview other tenants and plan to research city records in the morning. They visit Louis Post, who refers to Asa Daribondi as a genius but offers no further information. Agent Marvin recalls a link between Daribondi and the Hotel Broadalbin from his knowledge of the occult and history.


Louis Post’s Insights:

Louis mentions visiting a bookshop recommended by Abigail earlier in the year. Agent Militia’s alertness reveals unpaid rent and bill demands, including one from the cable TV company threatening disconnection. Despite this, the TV is playing. Food in Louis’s apartment, like in Manuel’s, is five months out of date but appears perfectly fine.



Operational Decision:

The agents debate whether to visit city records to research the Macallister building but decide to stay and continue working into the evening. They plan to speak with the Night Manager.


Next Steps:

The agents intend to gather more intelligence on the tenants and the building’s history and resolve the growing mystery surrounding the Macallister building.

[Delta Green Operational Command]
The operation continues. Agents are advised to remain vigilant and maintain their mental resilience.


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