Orb "PowerUP" Is So Strong It Produces A Halo


For over a decade now…UDCC has been showing the Orb Phenomena as BEING largely..the UFO phenomena…some have taken the night vision calling/belief protocol to new levels …. this is from  the night of 22nd of Sep 2018, filmed by James Gilliland and the STARGATE UFO YOUTUBE CHANNEL. The link to the video below is Here….Orb Powers UP – with 50,000 views and a 50/1 ratio of positive to negative. BTW…I do not subscribe to the idea that Orbs are crafts…except with rare circumstances. 

And, yes…I’ve covered the Gilliland Ranch in March 2013 – it’s a good read. Here’s an excerpt:

As I mentioned in December’s post…I have a number of videos I will be posting and I have also been reading OLD “UFO” blogs that have went by the wayside for one reason or another. So…in that regard I’d like to look at a 25 post blog that only existed in late 2010 and early 2011…about the peak of Orb activity being covered here as the true UFO phenomena. The blog was called UFONICLES – and in this first link…the author laments, and gives a thoughtful analysis of how the MSM reacted to Jerusalem UFO In Jan 2011 – one of UDCC’s most important examinations back then.

Indeed…the author of the blog interacted with another blog that I was part of at the time…called The C Influence. Which I also covered here at UDCC – Arvin Hill – His Description Of The Phenomena of which I provide an excerpt below:
I started peeling the UFO onion two years ago after keeping the subject at arm’s length for thirty years – in part because it was too enigmatic, and the signal to noise ratio was indecipherable; but also to keep the cultural contamination to a minimum just in case I should ever pursue my own research. I was afraid of a lot of things as a kid, but I found UFOs and their ostensible occupants intriguing, not frightening.The contextual nature of what transpired makes it impossible to effectively convey how it all unfolded. Some events included: profoundly mystical dreams; close proximity fly-by’s, day and night; numerous structured, choreographed demonstrations illustrating the relationship between UFO stealth and human cognition; telepathy; photography. The majority of my experiences occur while I am….

Read the detailed full text at the link above. – He also provides some final insights at his Blogger Profile – explaining more as to why his blogging effort was so short…

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