Orchestral “Darmok,” Celebrity D&D, Ken Mitchell Memorial Rave, And More Star Trek Cruise Day 5 – TrekMovie.com


Orchestral “Darmok,” Celebrity D&D, Ken Mitchell Memorial Rave, And More Star Trek Cruise Day 5 – TrekMovie.com

Star Trek: The Cruise VII arrived in Aruba early Monday morning while many passengers were still working off the previous evenings Risa-inspired festivities. Aruba’s Oranjetstad port welcomed throngs of cruisers in delta shield shirts and Starfleet Academy hats. The city is rich in history, giving STTC VII visitors a chance to appreciate the past, before returning to the future. While port days are lighter on shipboard events, there were still some highlights, including a Trek-themed concert, geeky activities, and a special tribute to the Kenneth Mitchell.

Aruba sign

The Mariner of the Seas behind the giant sign welcoming Trekkies to Aruba

Darmok and Jalad becomes an orchestral piece

As promised earlier in the week (and previewed in his recent TrekMovie podcast interview), John de Lancie hosted a musical function named “Darmok and Jalad,” featuring an original composition of the same name by composer Nick DiBerardino. De Lancie admitted when he first met the composer, he hadn’t seen the classic episode (“Darmok”) that inspired the piece, confessing, “That was my first meeting with Nick, and I had clearly disappointed him.”

“Darmok and Jalad” is an extremely complex piece of music, beginning intentionally obtuse and dissonant as it celebrates a story of two people unable to communicate. As the piece progresses, the discordant melodies slip into musical alignment, leading to an exciting finish. To round out the set, musicians performed themes from the first six  live-action Star Trek series. True to his word, John de Lancie read snippets from a previously-unreleased speech by Gene Roddenberry, on loan to him by the Roddenberry Archives. De Lancie expressed hope that the full text of the speech could be released to the public.

Curtis Institute Alumni

Musicians from the Curtis Institute being introduced on Star Trek: The Cruise

Geek fun comes in all sizes

Todd Stashwick hosted his own Dungeons & Dragons game, bringing in Michelle Hurd, Dr. Erin Macdonald, Wil Wheaton, and Anthony Rapp to play. Compressing a game that typically takes an entire evening into only an hour, Stashwick made clear he’s “not a rules guy” and turned the whole scenario into a chance to let his gaming friends be their hilarious selves.

Todd Stashwick plays D&D

Todd Stashwick shows off his Dungeon Master skills to his Trek co-stars

On the other end of the Promenade, Nana Visitor and Denise Crosby hosted a tequila-tasting course. Whereas most tasting events will feature samplings of various labels served straight up to allow for easy comparison, Visitor and Crosby are accomplished mixologists and prepared a series of mixed drinks to enhance the varieties they brought. Nana has spoken extensively about her love of hosting at conventions and has written a cookbook with many cocktail recipes.

Nana Visitor and Denise Crosby prepare drinks

Nana Visitor and Denise Crosby prepare cocktails to enhance their favorite tequilas

For anyone wanting a good laugh after those cocktails, “The Name Game” then started. Hosted by cruise director JT Watters, the stage was set for Garrett Wang, Sonequa Martin-Green, and Ed Speleers. Each was issued a new identity and had to guess what it was by asking the audience questions. Sonequa Martin-Green became the shipwide champion. We’ll have to see if she defends her title next year on Cruise VIII.

STTC7 Name Game

Garrett Wang, Sonequa Martin-Green, and Ed Speleers try to guess their new identities

Memorial for Kenneth Mitchell

Monday night concluded with a memorial rave dedicated to Kenneth Mitchell, hosted by his Discovery co-star and good friend Mary Chieffo. Mitchell had hosted this same rave on Cruise V when he was already beyond the point where he could walk or speak without mechanical assistance. On that evening, Ken asked everyone in the dancing crowd to take glow sticks and use them as “time crystals,” wanting everyone to stop time and appreciate the best of moments. Cheiffo was joined by Trek cast members from Discovery and Lower Decks; the crowd grabbed their “time crystals” and honored Mitchell until 2:00 AM.

Mary Chieffo at Ken Mitchell Rave

Mary Chieffo leads the memorial rave for Kenneth Mitchell

For Monday’s memorial, in true Klingon style, Chieffo asked us all to look up to the sky and scream, warning all that another warrior was about to enter Sto-vo-kor. Remembering that emotional night on Cruise V, Mary asked us to connect the way Ken wanted:

“Now his Klingon spirit is with us. So take a moment to connect to the person next to you. Maybe this is someone you came on this cruise with, and maybe this is someone you’ve never met before. But it’s very important that everyone take the time to glow with each other.”

You can see video of this moment below (via cruiser Thad on Twitter/X).

The Mariner of the Seas departed Aruba at 4:00 PM on a two-day journey back to the United States. In a thematically perfect move, the evening’s dress theme became “Mutiny on the Holodeck.” Passengers put on their best pirate gear to dine and dance.

STTC7 reaches Aruba

The view of Aruba from Star Trek: The Cruise

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