Owl and UFO together in a video


I’ve been waiting for photo that shows an owl and UFO together in the same frame—yet I never truly expected to find it. Well, here it is in video form!

The GIF above shows an owl passing directly over a moving dot of light in the sky. It takes place between time-count 8:52 and 9:00 inn the video below.

night video from John Martin

This video was captured by John Martin, a classically trained guitarist in Georgia. His youtube channel is titled: John Martin UFO and ET Intelligences, and it features a lot of video of the night sky.

The owl in the video crosses the frame just as he says: “Thank you.”

Please understand, I cannot speak to what the UFO in the frame might be. It is nothing more that a dot moving across the sky. I realize the limitations of the video format, and how what one might see in the night looks much different than how the camera records it. Often, the video doesn’t seem like much. Some of the other videos on his site seem much more intriguing.

He did an audio interview with Whitley in March of this year, linked HERE.

His guitar music is posted at John Martin Classical Guitarist.


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