Phoenix Rising by Ephie and Celia Risho


When a flying creature sets fire to their home, the people of
Seabrook scramble. But for Amber, a twelve-year old daydreamer, it’s
just the beginning. At the urging of mischievous pixies, she sets out in
search for answers, only to find there’s far more going on than her
sleepy village can handle. Evil wizards and their sinister plot begin to
unfold before her the further she travels. What started out as a
seemingly simple task quickly reveals a far greater challenge facing the
entire kingdom. And time is running short. If she can’t figure it out
soon enough, the entire coast will burn.

An epic coming-of-age fantasy adventure for young and old readers alike!

“The Elementalists” fantasy books set, you will embark on an
adventurous journey into a universe where ordinary teenagers discover
incredible powers. Across four epic fantasy books, readers are taken
into a world where magic is full of possibility, friendship is
unbreakable, and courage glows in the face of challenges.

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