Popular Homesteading YouTuber Captures UFO in Montello, Wisconsin (Solved)


In his popular YouTube channel, HomeSteadHow, Kerry Mann and his family document their lives as homesteaders on a 20-acre chunk of land in Wisconsin. The channel includes tons of interesting videos about living off the land in addition to other topics they find interesting.

In a recent video, Kerry talks about how he sighted a UFO in the skies above his home while attempting to take photos of the Milky Way. The photos he posted in his YouTube video are some of the best I’ve ever seen and seem to defy explanation.

The Sighting Details

Kerry reached out to Alien UFO Blog soon after the video and provided some details about the sighting.

Date of Sighting: June 13, 2001

Time of Day: 10:22 PM

Number of UFOs Sighted: 1

Distance: A few hundred feet

Description: While trying to get a time-lapse of the Milky Way I saw a UFO. I was able to take 4 quick photos of the UFO. I put these photos as well as me zooming into them and exploring them more into a video.

I followed up with Kerry and he told me that the pictures were taken about 1 hour and 45 minutes after sundown, with the video being shot towards the NW and the object coming in from the North.

The video pretty much speaks for itself.

Possible Explanations

I don’t have a lot of ideas for this one. The shape doesn’t match any typical aircraft, but bright lights can mask an object’s true shape. My first thought was that this could be a high-flying airplane that’s being illuminated from beneath by the sun which was already set beyond view at ground-level. But when I got more information towards the time of day and direction the image was shot from, that explanation simply didn’t make sense.

It’s also possible the entire thing could be a hoax perpetrated for YouTube views, but there’s no evidence of that being the case. In my emails with Kerry, he came across as authentic and truly surprised about what he’d caught on film.

The Most Likely Explanation (updated)

While I had originally had this one filed away as unexplained, I recently found that others have investigated this sighting. Mick West of Metabunk.org looked into this one and discovered it was likely a helicopter – specifically, a med flight helicopter. Given that it was a night-shot, the camera’s long exposure is why it looks like such an out of this world shape.

To really nail it down, the recorded path the helicopter matches exactly where Kerry Mann said he saw the object. So it’s pretty safe to say this one is just a helicopter that was misidentified. And while this isn’t as fun as saying it’s unexplained, the search for the truth in each sighting is the most important thing.

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