Profiles of Sarah J. Maas and Stanislaw Lem; Reviews by Amal El-Mohtar, Sophie Mackintosh, Gabino Iglesias, and Charlie Jane Anders; Recalling the book Poor Things; Scott Edelman Dines – Locus Online


» Vox, Constance Grady, 27 Feb 2024: Why half the people you know are obsessed with this book series, subtitled “With A Court of Thorns and Roses, Sarah J. Maas has established herself as the reigning queen of romantasy.”

» The New Yorker, Rivka Galchen, 27 Feb 2024: Thinking About A.I. with Stanisław Lem, subtitled “The science-fiction writer didn’t live to see ChatGPT, but he foresaw so much of its promise and peril.”

» NY Times, Amal El-Mohtar, 27 Feb 2024: The War Orphan and the Warmongering Alien, subtitled “New books by Seth Dickinson, Heather Fawcett and Ray Nayler.” [gift link]

» NY Times, Sophie Mackintosh, 24 Feb 2024: Cosmically Connected in a Journey From Deep Sea to Deep Space, subtitled “A brooding biologist seeks transcendence in Martin MacInnes’s richly atmospheric, patiently unfurling novel ‘In Ascension.’” [gift link]

» NY Times, Gabino Iglesias, 22 Feb 2024: Demons, Haunted Forests and Arctic Nightmares in 4 New Horror Novels, subtitled “Premee Mohamed, C.J. Cooke, Tim Lebbon and Amanda Jayatissa return with their latest terrifying books.” [gift link]

» Washington Post, Charlie Jane Anders, 21 Feb 2024: 5 utterly addictive new science fiction and fantasy novels, subtitled “New books from Yangsze Choo, Rae Giana Rashad and others explore how clever underdogs manage to endure and heal” [gift link]

» NY Times, A.J. Goldmann, 21 Feb 2024: ‘Poor Things,’ the Weird Movie, Was a Weird Novel First, subtitled “The Oscar-nominated film is based on a 1992 book by the prolific Scotsman Alasdair Gray. Beloved by writers, ‘that’s not the same as being widely read,’ says one of them.” [gift link]

» Scott Edelman dines with Ray Nayler

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