Romulus CinemaCon footage description leaked online!


While the Alien: Romulus footage from CinemaCon has not yet made its way online yet (and likely won’t), we do have a detailed and full description of what was shown, thanks to the folks at DiscussingFilm. Beware the following description does contain some spoilers, so read on at your own risk!

Alien: Romulus CinemaCon footage description

The majority of their crew is stuck in a flooded room with water up to their knees. What they don’t realize is that they are in the middle of an incubation room of sorts with dozens of alien pods holding facehuggers above them. The crew’s android, Andy (David Jonsson), needs to power down and reboot because of an error. While he’s in the middle of rebooting, standing frozen still, the alien pods activate and release the facehuggers into the water. The crew is then all attacked by a horde of facehuggers, some using their tails to drown people and others leaping straight out of nowhere.

The crew is managing to survive since they’re skilled enough to swipe the facehuggers away with their guns and help each other out whenever one of them goes down. The majority of the facehuggers are noticeably brought to life through practical puppetry, giving the scene a tangible sense of urgency. The android Andy finishes his reboot and helps the team escape, grabbing some of the facehuggers with his bare hands to pry them away from people’s faces. Cailee Spaeny’s character manages to open one of the room’s sliding doors from outside, but only for a limited time. We then see an image of dozens upon dozens of facehuggers leaping out at the crew from a claustrophobic hallway as everyone is running for their lives toward the only exit.

The sliding door closes and everyone makes it out just in time, with the horde of facehuggers smashing against the glass from the other side. However, the only crew member who takes a brief moment to look back is suddenly attacked by the single facehugger who barely made it through the closing doors. We then flash forward to a different scene where this same crew member is about to have an alien burst from her chest. She starts feeling pain while she and one of the other female crewmates are piloting a small ship. When the pain becomes too excruciating, she takes an x-ray flashlight of sorts to check her body and we see a clear visual of a small chestburster trying to break its way out of her ribcage.

When the chestburster starts to make its way through her chest, she falls to the floor which prompts her co-pilot to fall to the ground to try and her. The ship they’re on starts flying in uncontrolled circles as the small chestburster slowly begins to break its way through the crew member’s body. The footage ends with a montage of other moments from the film, including our first look at the full body of an adult xenomorph, which looks like an actor in a practical suit more than an animatronic.

(Via DiscussingFilm)

The consensus online for the Alien: Romulus panel was overwhelmingly positive, with attendees praising the film’s use of practical Alien effects. If the footage ever becomes available online, we’ll be sure to share it with you. Otherwise this description is all we can go by for now!

Keep in mind a sneak peek of Alien: Romulus will be attached to showings of Alien for its 4K theatrical re-release later this month!

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