Romulus Monsterpalooza 2024 panel recording online!


Romulus Monsterpalooza 2024 panel recording online!

Director Fede Alvarez, Alec Gillis of Studio Gillis and Shane Mahan of Legacy Effects were in attendance at Monsterpalooza 2024 this year for a special Alien: Romulus panel to discuss the upcoming film and its use of practical visual effects!

Alien: Romulus movie poster

The panel was recorded and uploaded to YouTube by Mike’s Monsters and spans roughly an hour long which you can watch below! During the panel, attendees cover a wide array of information about Alien: Romulus, what makes the Alien films so scary, the use of music and in many cases – lack thereof to build suspense and immersion for the audience. They briefly touch on future plans for another Alien vs. Predator movie and Fede’s friendly rivalry with Dan Trachtenberg’s Prey. Check it out:

A new trailer is expected to drop this week as well, so be sure to check back for that this Tuesday!

Thanks to Mike’s Monsters for uploading the recording! Let us know what you think in the comments!

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