Romulus movie stills tease but don’t reveal any major spoilers!


The Aliens inspiration is strong in the latest Alien: Romulus movie stills! If you’ve been keeping up with updates in our Alien: Romulus image gallery you would have seen two new photos uploaded recently – they come from Fandango and Total Film Magazine. Both outlets recently featured the Alien sequel / Aliens prequel as part of their upcoming summer preview.

Both the Fandango movie still and the Total Film movie still don’t contain any major spoilers so fans can enjoy the photos without any risk.

Total Film’s feature however contains an interview with director Fede Alvarez, not revealing any substantial new information, but explained how instrumental Aliens director James Cameron was during the film’s early scripting stage:

Alien: Romulus movie still via Total Film

Scott is a credited producer on the film and was instrumental in helping the Evil Dead helmer Álvarez land the gig. Meanwhile, Cameron helped consult on the script during an “extensive” phone call with Álvarez and Alien: Romulus co-writer Rodo Sayagues where they discussed details as granular as the size of the engines on the film’s ships.

“At the end of the phone call, he thanked us for letting him brainstorm with us, which I found hilarious,” Álvarez recalls. “I was like, ‘You don’t have to thank us; it’s the best day ever for us!’”

Total Film Alien: Romulus scans

Scans courtesy of Perfect Organism!

Alien: Romulus will effortlessly blend the aesthetic and tone of both the original Alien and its sequel Aliens – acting as a perfect bridge between the two, respecting the established timelines and lore.

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