Romulus takes place 20 years after Alien, Fede Alvarez reveals new plot details!


Director Fede Alvarez has been making the press rounds for Alien: Romulus now that his teaser trailer is out and he’s started teasing some new details about the film’s plot! Speaking to The Movie Podcast, Alvarez reveals that the film takes place 20 years after the first Alien film and goes into more detail about the space station the film takes place on – dubbed the Renaissance station, the facility is split into two sections – the Remus and the Romulus. The Remus is an older part of the facility, designed much like the retro aesthetic of Alien and the Romulus being the newer part of the facility – looking more inline with the visuals of Aliens – a nice bridging of the gap between the two iconic films.

Fede also touches on the significance of the title – ROMULUS and how it relates to Alien. The names Remus and Romulus actually stem from ancient Roman mythology – they were the mythological creators of Rome – the largest empire the world had ever seen. As the story goes, Remus and Romulus were twin boys who feed from a she-wolf type of creature to gain its powers. The story symbolizes harvesting resources from a dangerous beast to become more powerful – very much inline with the Prometheus title Ridley chose for his Alien prequel – having similar symbolism about stealing the power from the Gods to elevate Mankind to God-like status.

In Alien: Romulus, Weyland-Yutani adopt the roles of Remus and Romulus attempting to extract resources from the Star Beast / Xenomorph to elevate themselves above their competitors and all of Mankind. But as with all myths – there’s always a catch. He also touches on sibling-hood – and how a lot of the characters in the movie are related, or brother and sisters in some capacity.

Fede also touches on the importance of big, practical sets. They actually built massive Weyland-Yutani station sets for this film, paired with practical creature effects over a heavy reliance on green screen. Everything that could have been made practically, they made practically.

Check out the interview in full below:

Fede Alvarez also teases plenty of easter eggs Alien fans will notice when they sit down to watch Alien: Romulus this August.

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