Romulus will feature strong female lead wielding familiar weapons!


Are you ready for the next Alien: Romulus scoop? Following on from yesterday’s scoop which contain broad information, today’s scoop contains some more specific details fans of the Alien franchise will find exciting! Now, while most moviegoers won’t pay close attention or care about the specific weapons or props used in a movie like this, to us, many of the iconic weapons and props hold nostalgic value. So, this one will be for the true fans and enthusiasts of the franchise.

As with yesterday’s report, it is important to note, the scoops we are providing are relayed by individuals not affiliated with this website, who claim to have access to insider information and materials we do not have direct access to. Take what’s revealed with a grain of salt, until marketing materials and additional, official materials released can confirm or deny our reports.

Now, on to the scoop!

Alien: Romulus will feature a strong female lead and will essentially find the franchise’s new “Ripley” figure in Cailee Spaeny’s character Rain – meaning Rain is a badass female protagonist who isn’t afraid to pick up a gun and attempt to slaughter Aliens.

In the film, I’ve been told Rain handles a weapon that looks very close to what looks like the M41A3 Burst Rifle from the Aliens: Fireteam Elite game, however the gun itself has some aesthetic differences – the handle is higher up, larger barrel and a few other subtle design changes.

Not quite an M41A Pulse Rifle as seen in Aliens, but close.

UPDATE: The folks over at AvPGalaxy caught wind of our scoop and have confirmed its legitimacy, as well as adding additional details for the weapon we didn’t know:

This is another detail that Alien vs. Predator Galaxy can corroborate. White in colour, the new weapon shares many design elements with the M41A Pulse Rifle including the carry handle, and an underslung pump action.

From the sounds of it, Alien: Romulus will act like a bridge, thematically between Ridley Scott’s Alien and James Cameron’s Aliens – combining elements of both, marrying the suspenseful horror and high octane action of the two respectively into one thrilling spectacle.

Alien: Romulus scoop and information provided in corroboration with V Scooper.

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