Romulus will feature this BIG connection to original Alien (1979) movie! (MAJOR SPOILER)


Romulus will feature this BIG connection to original Alien (1979) movie! (MAJOR SPOILER)


FacehuggerMember410 XPMar-13-2024 7:40 AM



EngineerAdmin23742 XPMar-13-2024 8:39 AM

Wow indeed – very very exciting details imo!


FacehuggerMember410 XPMar-13-2024 10:10 AM

Ripley be like after hearing this news



EngineerAdmin23742 XPMar-13-2024 11:59 AM

To be fair, Ripley ALWAYS thought she had defeated the Alien but was ALWAYS disappointed to learn she merely delayed the inevitable. This remains ture to form hahaha

Dark Nebula

XenomorphStaff1223 XPMar-13-2024 12:36 PM

My excitement for this film is immeasurable.

I suspected there would be some connections to prequels, but nothing huge.

If I recall correctly, in Alien: The Cold Forge, it was stated that face-huggers inject a black goo-like substance into the hosts to create chest bursters. 


EngineerAdmin23742 XPMar-13-2024 2:24 PM

Same Nebula, same! I’ll admit I was a bit apprehensive to be excited for this film when it was first announced, but after everything I’ve learned about it, I think it’s going to satisfy BOTH the Prequel fans and the Purists of the original films. I love love love the deep conspiracies and diving deeper into Weyland-Yutani’s experimentation on the Alien. The fact the original Xenomorph was discovered and acts as the basis for what Romulus becomes is as poetic as it gets.


XenomorphMember1341 XPMar-13-2024 2:45 PM


I wonder if they will show the Big Chap being discovered? That’s how I’d start the movie:

A tiny object tumbling over and over in deep space….starts the movie.

The floating frozen xenomorph is suddenly illuminated….grappling arms extend to collect the prize.



EngineerAdmin23742 XPMar-13-2024 3:14 PM

@MonsterZero – yes, as far as I’m aware the film will start with footage of Big Chap being recovered. My source explained that the Xenomorph is still alive upon recovery but not in good shape – as we can imagine. The fate of Big Chap is a painful one.

This is one of the many details that I’m most excited for, something about the connection to the first movie just does it for me.


XenomorphMember1341 XPMar-13-2024 4:34 PM



I hope the interior of the BigChap rescue ship is retro! Old monitors and such.

I Hope BigDave will show up sometime and add some thoughts.


PraetorianMember4274 XPMar-13-2024 4:37 PM



XenomorphMember1341 XPMar-13-2024 4:37 PM

@DarkNebula – That’s a great catch! Never seen that before. Thanks.

NCC 1701

OvomorphMember29 XPMar-13-2024 6:02 PM

WOW , For the 3rd time 


FacehuggerMember410 XPMar-14-2024 8:02 AM

really quite excited that this film is connected with the main timeline. I am picturing the film may lead to the establishment of “Hadley’s Hope” sometime between ALIEN and ALIENS



PraetorianMember4274 XPMar-14-2024 9:20 AM

I’m not sure if they are going to bring up Hadley’s Hope, more than likely they’ll just focus on the Space Station Romulus and future sequels would further build out the alienverse during this interregnum. 57 years is a large gap between 2122 – 2179, this era of the timeline is rife with interesting stories to be told


EngineerAdmin23742 XPMar-14-2024 11:29 AM

@Jonesy I definitely think there will be some tie-ins. VScooper revealed there’s some big twists in the plot but that it’s a huge payoff, I definitely think there will be some company conspiracies at play which lead the front of Hadley’s Hope being a terraforming colony when really it’s a secluded live testing ground for Weyland-Yutani’s bio-engineered weapons… still raises questions about how the Derelict will fit into it though… 

Also agreed, after reading these leaks I’m more excited for the film than I was before. I LOVE the connection to the original film and Prometheus, such a service to those of us who liked the prequels and to those who loved the original.

@Xenotaris, perhaps it will be a subtle nod at the end or a post-credits scene showing a Weyland-Yutani executive approving plans of Hadley’s Hope or something of that nature.


PraetorianMember4274 XPMar-14-2024 5:26 PM

I’m still not behind the idea of Hadley’s Hope being a testing ground, since Burke acted alone in having the Jordans go out and find the derelict ship. Since the whole of Weyland-Yutani failed to find the derelict ship.


FacehuggerMember410 XPMar-15-2024 12:42 PM

the film should be called ALIEN: While Ripley was Sleeping 


XenomorphMember1341 XPMar-15-2024 2:24 PM

“I’m still not behind the idea of Hadley’s Hope being a testing ground,…”


Nothing makes sense with lv-426. Why would they even terraform such a small ( 750 mi diameter ) waterless world.

Hadley’s Hope could have been a cover operation for a covert military op? The settlers just playing the dupes. A way for W-Y to keep other governments/companies from getting nosey.

Company X/Government X: “What is W-Y doing on LV-426?”

Informant “Looks like they are setting up a terraforming operation….nothing out of the ordinary…”

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