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A couple of months ago I blogged about how the Open Journal of Astrophysics had been accepted for listing on Scopus. The process has turned out to be much slower than I was led to believe and the “technical team” responsible for the indexing required much more help than I’d imagined, so we’re not fully there yet. However, I can confirm that we are in the process. This is an excerpt from the accepted titles list which you can find here:

The Scopus indexation process seems to involve processing every article manually, so it’s possible that there will be some errors. Here is a verbatim excerpt from a recent email from the Scopus team that perhaps illustrates why I lack confidence in the process:

We have activated your journal for Scopus indexation and you will be able to find the content indexed online shortly. The title, however, will take some time to have a source page and you will not be able to view it on source list. If the articles indexed on Scopus exceeds 15, Source Page for your title will be automatically created during Scopus browser update. Post which the title will be discoverable on Scopus source list as well.

I hope this clarifies the situation.

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